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Free delivery, order $50.00 and above!

To save you (book): Mylène Schanck



A young woman wakes up in a dusty factory, tied to a chair, completely naked and injured. She does not remember anything about her life or why she is in this position, but her captors seem completely crazy and also know her personally. The only thing she can remember is the name of a man. The name of Mike Fausher.
She does not know who this man is and whether he really exists, but she knows that it is important and that he can help him. While she will be able to escape from her captors and find Mike, she will be happy to see that this is the one she had imagined. The problem is that he doesn't know who she is. Despite him, Mike will be trained in this race against the clock, against death! Will they be able to solve this mystery before it is too late? Will they be able to be saved?